What We Do

The mission of TeenWorks is to empower teens to achieve excellence in college, career, and community.

Work-based learning is a reality.  It’s one thing to learn what it means to be a great employee in the classroom – but you have to do it.  And when it comes to exploring career pathways and options for life after high school, there’s no better way than through a mix of real-life experiences, thought-provoking discussions with a trusted career coach, purposeful learning in a classroom, and getting to know community professionals and how they navigated their path.  This is TeenWorks.

Our flagship summer program engages teens in Muncie and Indianapolis with 6-weeks of community-based work and weekly professional development.  From there, teens can apply to participate in the year-round-Pro program where they can grow as a professional though entry-level work and later more sophisticated jobs, internships and apprenticeships.  Teens who have completed 2 or more years of the program are encouraged to apply for a TeenWorks Scholarship through CICF.

TeenWorks empowers teens to discover a new level of self-confidence,  recognize that achieving professional success is within their reach, and build their resources to make it happen.