What Our Teens Say

My favorite part of TeenWorks would have to be the people I was able to meet, building new relationships and just the experience overall. I think it’s pretty cool that on professional development days, we get paid to learn! This program really wants us to learn and they are teaching things that school doesn’t even teach.

Indy TeenSummer 2021

TeenWorks has taught me a multitude of things, including how to get a job, how to write a resume, and how to be a good worker. When I get a job, I will be sure to put the skills that I learned to use. I really value the time that I spent learning these skills, and I recommend the TeenWorks Summer Program to any high school student looking to benefit from learning important workplace skills.

Muncie TeenSummer 2021, Pro 2021

TeenWorks has done so much for me. They've taught me necessary skills to thrive in the world, given me important experiences for the future & reliable mentorship. They've also covered the gap in my financial aid package and in my knowledge of college. I joined the summer program around 2018 in desperate need of a job and I gained so much more. I will succeed and that's thanks to TeenWorks. I owe so much to them.

Alumni TeenSummer 2018, Alumni 2021

My favorite task would be cleaning the bio-swells because it’s for the greater good, like, we’re helping the rivers run in Indiana. Weeding, taking everything out of there, to allow the bio-swells to do their job which is stopping the trash from going into the river.

Indy TeenSummer 2021

Presentation day went great! Everything went as we planned with minimal mistakes, and we got nothing but great feedback from the judges! This experience made me learn a lot from just giving an overview about what these past 6 weeks have looked like in our worksite. I would gladly repeat gaining an experience like this one again.

Indy TeenSummer 2021

This program has really helped me prepare for the adult world. It has allowed me to earn work experience, financial knowledge, and memories that I would have missed out on if I had not applied for the program.

Muncie TeenSummer 2021

It was really nice participating in TeenWorks this year. I was able to communicate really well with other people and also work together with them. I have really gained and learned a lot from the program. This program will really help me with my career and my daily life. Thank you TeenWorks!

Indy TeenSummer 2021