What Community Partners Say

Students from our school who participate in TeenWorks are exposed to many different things that will help them progress to college - different situations, people, and challenges. TeenWorks really pushes them out of their comfort zone and helps them develop as individuals. Our students have had really positive experiences.

Jill McKinney, Student AdvisorChristel House Academy

When teens start the TeenWorks experience at Ball State, I think they expect to earn money and to have something to occupy their time, but they get so much more! They build bonds with the community, get a college experience, build friendships, and gain mentors. Bringing the students on campus and allowing them to get a full college experience through the TeenWorks program helps them believe that they can go to college. It helps them believe in their future.

Ro Anne Royer EngleBall State University

TeenWorks is much more than just a work opportunity. Through the TeenWorks experience, students and their families come to realize that going to college is a real possibility for them. They learn to see college as part of their future. I have seen that being a part of TeenWorks changes the lives of these young people in an important way.

Gary PellicoIvy Tech Community College - Indianapolis