TeenWorks offers teens summer employment that expands their horizons and helps them take a first step into the adult world. Working in groups of 10-12 under the guidance of a TeenWorks seasonal supervisor, our teens work at nonprofit organizations in Indianapolis Muncie, and Anderson. Their responsibilities include community farming, park beautification, school clean outs and more.

During the 6-week program, teens also have a day of professional skills development training each week. Topics covered include financial literacy, resume writing, and professional etiquette and communication. Additionally, through the summer, teens develop self-knowledge through a personality and interest survey tool, visit college campuses, participate in a robust day of mock interviews, and network with a variety of professionals from the community who share with them their career paths.

The application window for the summer program is January-February of each year. Teens may apply through our website or talk to their school counselor.

Businesses and organizations! Interested in supporting our summer program perhaps as a sponsor, work-site host or professional development host? Contact us to get the conversation started.