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The mission of TeenWorks is to empower teens to achieve excellence in college, career, and community.

While the initial point of contact for our teens is through Summer programming, TeenWorks provides a year-round employment and college readiness program with supportive services for teens throughout the school year.

Although our paid employment program gives teens the chance to earn a paycheck, the TeenWorks experience is so much more than a job. Participating teens build professional resumes, gain job skills for the future, participate in volunteer projects to give back to the community, and receive hands-on instruction to build key college and career readiness skills, and much more in one of our four career pathway areas: Health & Life Science, STEAM, Logistics Distribution & Retail & Transportation, and Hospitality.

During the summer training program, TeenWorks provides transportation, daily meals, and direct support to help teens discover passions and career aptitudes through exposure, experience, and assessments including the ONET Assessment. The Summer program also allows our teens an opportunity to become Job Ready badged in six areas: Mindsets, Self-Management Skills, Learning Strategies, Social Skills, Workplace and Finding a Job. During the school year, TeenWorks continues to provide support to our students through employability skills training, mentoring through case management, access to SAT and ACT prep, and community service outings. Upon successful completion of our program, all TeenWorks teens are also eligible for one of our annual college Scholarships provided by the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Family Foundation.

As they begin their post-secondary plans, TeenWorks Pro students who have completed 2 or more years of the program are encouraged to apply for a TeenWorks Scholarship through CICF. You can find an application here.

Most importantly, the TeenWorks experience empowers teens to discover a new level of self-confidence and recognize that going to college and achieving professional success is within their reach.

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Click HERE to view our 2018. 2019 handbook