• How much does it cost to participate in the TeenWorks summer program?
    The TeenWorks program is free for all Summer participants. In fact, teens and adult employees are paid for their work during the TeenWorks program.
  • Do teens have to meet special requirements to apply?
    All Indianapolis (Marion County) and Muncie (Delaware County) teens between the ages of 15-18 are eligible to apply for TeenWorks. TeenWorks does require that teens earn a minimum of a 2.5 GPA during the academic year and be on free and reduced lunch to be eligible for the summer program.
  • I don’t have reliable transportation every day. Can I still participate?
    Yes! TeenWorks provides free transportation from many neighborhood high schools to and from the program sites daily during the summer program.
  • My child has never held a job or participated in a summer program before. Should s/he still apply?
    Yes! In fact, TeenWorks is the first paid work experience for many of the teens who participate. Every team of 11-13 teens receives direct supervision and support from at least two members of TeenWorks staff who are committed to their team, so your teen will have the guidance they need for a successful experience.
  • What kinds of work do the TeenWorks teens do during the summer program?
    We strive to provide work experiences related to a variety of careers, so each TeenWorks team works at a different community-based site. We do our best to match each teen’s interests with their worksite placement, where some teams learn how to manage an urban farm while others learn to rebuild computers or complete landscaping and environmental management projects. Regardless of each team’s daily worksite, all TeenWorks teens participate in volunteer activities like helping out at the local foodbank so that they have the opportunity to give back to the community. Learn more about our Community Worksites.
  • My organization has a lot of projects that the TeenWorks teens could help with. Can I host a TeenWorks team?
    TeenWorks is always looking for new partnerships and new sites where our teens can work and learn during the summer program. Contact us to talk with our staff about how we can work together.
  • If my organization hosts a TeenWorks team in the Summer, are we responsible for paying the teens for their work?
    No. 100% of the program costs, including teen wages, are provided by TeenWorks. In fact, TeenWorks also provides necessary work materials, meals, and transportation to allow our teens to arrive each day ready to make the most of their work with you.
  • I am currently involved with TeenWorks and I have a question or concern. Who should I contact?
    We would love to hear from you! If you participate in TeenWorks, please contact our Program Director at 317-916-7858 for additional information or assistance.
    • How much does it cost to participate in TeenWorks Pro?
      Similarly to the TeenWorks Summer Program, TeenWorks Pro is free of cost to teens!
    • Do teens have to meet special requirements to participate in TeenWorks Pro?
      All TeenWorks Pro participants must have previously been employed during a TeenWorks summer program to be eligible.
    • What does participation in TeenWorks Pro include?
        1. Comprehensive Services: A chance for you to engage with a Program Manager, year round job placements, and year round professional development.
        2. How does TeenWorks Pro affect scholarship eligibility?
          In order to be eligible for our TeenWorks scholarships, students must participate in a summer program as well as TeenWorks Pro, regularly attending mandatory professional development.
        3. I am currently involved with TeenWorks Pro and I have a question or a concern. Who should I contact?
          We would love to hear from you! If you participate in TeenWorks Pro in either Indianapolis or Muncie, please contact us at [email protected] or via phone at 317-916-7858.

  • Other questions, comments or concerns? Contact us at (317)916-7858