TeenWorks is important to me because it gives me a chance to be something better and do something good in life by helping out my community as I better myself for the future.

Cruzita, Rookie Employee, Indy Summer 2015

I don’t like wasting my time. If it weren’t for the TeenWorks program, I would be sitting at home, sleeping in, just to wake up and play Xbox and go back to bed. My summer would just go to waste, and I didn’t want to waste another summer. I wanted to put some good use to my time.

Raven, Rookie Employee, Muncie Summer 2015

TeenWorks is important because it’s really getting me ready for the work field and for college—and just taking on more responsibilities. Before TeenWorks, I was very scared of work and college; I didn’t know what they were all about. Now I feel like I’m much more educated about college and work. I feel prepared for any job. I feel like I’m more professional now.

Brielle, Veteran Employee, Muncie Summer 2015

Teenworks is a very good place to expand your knowledge, your interviewing and speaking skills, and learn about how you shape the community around you. There is no other organization that I know of that does so well preparing us teens for the future. It's really fun to make new friends, learn about interesting topics that prepare you, and keep the spirit of it alive.

Demetrick, Rookie Employee, Indy Summer 2015