In 2015, TeenWorks served 79 teens in Muncie and 254 teens in Indianapolis, a 300% increase from the total number of teens served in 2013 before TeenWorks became their own 501(c)(3).

Two Year Increase in Teen Participation


Of the 279 teens who completed the program in 2015 (68 in Muncie and 211 in Indianapolis),

100% achieved the following outcomes:

  Increased Leadership, Work, and Life Skills by demonstrating accountability through daily punctuality and attendance at work sites; demonstrating leadership skills by managing at least one collaborative activity with peers; and/or reporting understanding of and ability to apply at least two conflict management strategies with peers and authority figures.

  Increased Financial Literacy by utilizing a personal budget that includes a savings plan; and/or establishing a personal checking account and/or savings account.

  Increased Computer Literacy by demonstrating basic computer skills/word processing proficiency by utilizing Microsoft Word to produce a professional resume; demonstrating proficiency with Microsoft PowerPoint by producing an interactive presentation; and/or demonstrating proficiency in social media usage by creating original posts on the TeenWorks Blog.

  Increased Employment and College Preparedness by demonstrating public speaking skills by delivering a presentation to their peers; demonstrating strong interview skills by completing at least one formal interview utilizing the GOAL interview process; identifying and exploring at least one career in a personal field of interest; and/or developing a personal College Preparation Plan, including college research, campus visitations, and correspondence with staff from two or more Indiana colleges.