Welcome to the Youth Employment Systems otherwise known as the YES Program at TeenWorks. Our
goal of this program is to see 18-24 year olds gainfully employed and or enrolled in college or an advanced training.
Developing a career can be difficult. That is why we are here to accompany you along this journey. We
want to help!

The YES Program Offers-
Professional Development: This training will begin in October. We will meet twice a week, every week
until all modules are completed. Participants will be paid for their time @ $13 an hour for the six hours we meet
weekly. Lunch will be provided. Classes will be held from 9 am to 12 noon at the TeenWorks Training
Center on the first floor. We will let you know what days the classes will be shortly. We are coordinating
with your school classes to make sure you can attend both!

Topics Covered:
o Week One: Educational Assessments – TABE Testing

o Week Two: Career Planning and Goal Setting
 Complete the ICE Career Assessment

o Week Three: Introduction to Employment
 Dressing for Success
 Ethics, Integrity and Reliability
 How to Keep a Job

o Week Four: Succeeding in the Workplace
 Professional Communication
 Team Building
 Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers

o Week Five: Financial Security
 How to Read Your Pay Stub
 What is Credit
 Establishing Credit

o Week Six: Preparing for Careers
 Resume Development
 Interviewing Skills Prep

Other Assistance and Opportunities
 Employment Placement
 Job Coaching During Employment
 High School Equivalency Completion Classes and Testing
 Advanced Skills Training Opportunities at Ivy Tech and Other Schools
 Assistance Navigating College Applications, Scholarships and Financial Aid Applications
 24 months of follow up services – we want to help you stay employed and or in school!
 Referrals to community resources
 Barrier removal assistance

If you have any questions regarding the TeenWorks YES Program, please contact Victoria Britton at vbritton@teenworks.org or 317-916-7963.

Our offices are located on the campus of Ivy Tech off Fall Creek and Meridian. You can find us in the
Culinary Arts / Conference Center building located at 2820 N. Meridian Street. Take the elevator to the
12th floor and follow the sign that says “TeenWorks”.