Is your child planning to participate in the TeenWorks experience? Students fill out all required TeenWorks application forms to officially join the TeenWorks summer program before being able to participate in our 360 school-year program. For administrative questions related to payroll, taxes, hiring, or other general questions, please contact us at 317-916-7858.

Summer Program

  • Applications for our TeenWorks summer program will be available at the beginning of January for all of our students in both Indianapolis and Muncie.
  • Once your teen completes the required TeenWorks application forms and officially joins the TeenWorks program, we ask that all parents attend a Mandatory Parent Session to learn more about the TeenWorks experience, meet our staff, and submit necessary paperwork. Please bring all completed paperwork that is in the acceptance letter package.
  • A parent day will be scheduled for the end of March or the beginning of April.
  • For questions about our summer program, contact our Program Director at 317-916-7858.


360 Program

  • Calling all parents and guardians! TeenWorks is so excited to be starting our second year of the 360 School Year program! We would like to invite you to our first of many 360 Socials so that you have an idea of all of the valuable things your students will be learning during this academic year outside of school!
  • Check out ourĀ Event Calendar for a comprehensive schedule of 360 activities.
  • For questions about 360, contact us by email or call our Director of Student Services at 317-916-7858.